Zinnia "Zini" Linden is one of the Sixes. She's a party girl and very outgoing, also finding it very easy to talk to guys, though they simply consider her one of them. She claims to be fearless and not afraid of getting hurt, but is really just a girl beneath her exterior. Her power is to take away or to intensify someone's fears and over time she's able to develop this to make someone's fears come to life. She also becomes able to understand what someone's fear is.

She was raised by her father after her mother fleed immediately after her birth. Because of this, he treated her like a son, making her who she is today. However, she is still aware of who she used to be and wishes to become that person again, just unaware of how to do it.

Her primary love interest, despite her numerous romantic encounters, is warrior Dax Ventura. They genuinely care about each other but are too proud and not romantic enough to admit that they want more than just a casual no-strings-attached relationship. They do, however, form an on-and-off relationship which is constantly ended by one of their disregard for the other's feelings.