"Sense Ability"
Sellie can see things a mile away.
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date January 14, 2013
Written by Dominic Cooper
Directed by Gary George
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"Pilot" "To Be Or Not To Be"
"Sense Ability" is the second episode of the series.


Determined to discover her own ability and prove herself, Sellie undergoes a series of tests in an attempt to figure out what she can do. Feeling isolated from the others, Lari tries to make up for her rashness involving Zini's convincing. Gala is touched by Lari's determination and her connection to Sellie. Blake helps Ana learn how to let go of her human life, something she finds harder than expected. Kira believes she can relax now that she knows her own power but realises that it needs her hard work to take it under control as she learns to control her emotions. Finally, Sellie and Blake bond as Sellie is visited by the angel, Gabrielle.


  • Sellie: "You're a night person, too?"
  • Blake (holds up his device): "I get the best connection to the heavens at night."
  • Sellie: "I get the best connection to myself. My thoughts."
  • Blake: "Is this your place, then?"
  • Sellie: "Wouldn't put a label on it, but I do prefer night. When I lived with my aunts, I'd... sneak out of my bedroom window each night... sit on the roof and watch the moon for hours, until it had reached its apex, maybe longer."
  • Blake: "Did you have a happy life? Before... this?"
  • Sellie: "That's not what I would call it, but I'm in no position to complain. My parents died, and... my aunts resented me for not being some prissy little show girl they could parade around until a plastic smile was frozen on my face. Each year, on my birthday, they would remind me that I only had a couple of years left. The minute I turned eighteen, I'd be out on the streets, legally free to go. I can't help but feel grateful that you've spared me the tragedy of living in a cardboard box and eating out of people's bins. But at the same time, I just don't like this life is... me."
  • Blake: "You're a Six, Sellie. You were the fourth girl to be found. You deserve to be here. Its your destiny to be here."
  • Sellie: "My destiny is to die saving a bunch of people who either I've never met or couldn't give a damn about me. Is that something to be proud of?"
  • Blake: "You're not going to die."
  • Sellie: "Not today. Not tomorrow. But whatever way it does it, this life is going to kill me. And there's no stopping it."
  • Blake: "Have you always been such an optimist?"
  • Sellie (smiles faintly): "Only when it comes to my future."
  • Blake (pauses): "You'd better get some rest."
  • Sellie: "Nah, I couldn't sleep."