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Car Accident

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Just Go With It

"I haven't seen you for years. The last time, you seemed so...unhappy. I remember thinking I would have done anything for you. I wonder what changed."
―Ollie to Sellie[src]

Ollie Jenkins was Sellie's only and best friend when she was human until he died in a car accident when he was twelve. He did not give Sellie his goodbye, despite being in love with her, so that he could continue to watch over her. After Sellie is discovered as a Six, they are reunited and he's revealed to be an angel. In their time apart, its revealed that Ollie had gotten over and forgotten Sellie but fell in love with her immediately after seeing her again. Ollie tries to help Gala with her power, resulting in her falling for him. Ollie became jealous of Sellie's relationship with Blake and began a rivalry with him over her. Sellie and Ollie's friendship continues to grow until Ollie overstays his visit and the heavens try to punish him by making him act impulsively. Sellie brings him back to reality and in an emotional scene she gives him her goodbye. However, it is later discovered by Blake that Ollie has not forgotten Sellie and he still watches her, despite her inability to long to see him again.