"Midnight With Paris"
Paris, Kira and Sellie find Gabrielle's ring.
Season 1, Episode 21
Vital statistics
Air date February 1, 2013
Written by Dominic Cooper
Directed by Gary George
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"Distractions" "Goodbyes"
"Midnight With Paris" is the twenty-first episode of the series.


Blake's suspicious when Sellie begins acting distant. Dax brings news that Gala and Lari must learn to work together as their powers blend well together. Jordan and Jackson realise that for true power, Ana and Zini must learn to accept each other's lifestyles prior to their powers. However, Ana is more hesitant than Zini when it comes to trusting the guys' motives. Meanwhile, Sellie and Kira hunt for answers from Paris who takes them away for a night to sit under the stars and hunt for their own information. Finally, Paris reveals a surprising turn of events.