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"I'm better off in the background, as always. I mean, will anyone even notice if I leave their lives for good? They don't even know I'm there now. The point is... well, what is the point? We're all stuck in this God damn parallel universe and have to say goodbye to someone who probably won't care either way! So why the hell should I?"
―Lari on her goodbye[src]

Larissa "Lari" Redstone is one of the Sixes. She's a very innocent and genuinely happy person. In contrast to Sellie, she is a very childlike person and the baby of the Sixes. Sellie is like a big sister to her and the two have the strongest relationship in the Sixes, being each other's counterparts. As Lari spends more time with Sellie, she becomes more mature and more understanding of life as a whole. The power she's given is the aura of happiness, meaning she can manipulate others' emotions but only in positive manners for unselfish reasons, limiting her specialities. Her less powerful abilities are due to her younger attitude. As she develops as the series goes on, she is able to control who is affected and in which degree: whether they just learn to accept a loss, or simply can't stop smiling/laughing.

Lari was the only one of the Sixes to be raised by both her parents. Discovered when she was seventeen, her murder was faked so as not to worry her family.

She develops a relationship with a young werewolf, Conor.

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