Jovana "Ana" Utelias is one of the Sixes. She's strictly a Christian, though her beliefs slowly begin to fade away throughout the series. She's very traditional, disapproving of pre-marriage relations and wishing to undergo an arranged marriage herself when she's older. She comes to Gala's aid after she's forced to abandon Jada's friendship and they eventually become best friends. The power given to her is mind-reading which she uses often to her advantage and despite her difficulties in learning how to control it, she now has complete say in whose minds she hears.

Ana comes from a Christian family. Her father had died when she was three, and her mother often made her pray for him. Her brother Mark, however, refused to follow the family religion. Due to this, their relationship was strained and he often teased her for becoming a victim of their parents' brainwashing. Despite this, they did care for each other and Ana chose to say goodbye to Mark after she became the second to be found.