"I Love You"
Zini finds Becka's letter to Dax.
Season 1, Episode 18
Vital statistics
Air date January 29, 2013
Written by Dominic Cooper
Directed by Gary George
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"If Only" "Dear Agony"
"I Love You" is the eighteeneth episode of the series.


Kira and Ana are furious that Gala seems to have unintentionally driven a wedge between Blake and Sellie. Due to the newfound awkwardness in her relationship with Blake, Sellie finds a friend in Kira whilst Lari and Conor flaunt their relationship now that they're public. To spare Dax's feelings, Zini keeps a secret involving Becka, but soon enough, Jackson is interfering in her plan. Finally, Blake and Sellie face their toughest challenge yet.