"Girl Next Door"
Ana prays for Gala to return to herself.
Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date January 18, 2013
Written by Dominic Cooper
Directed by Gary George
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"Connections" "Strained"
"Girl Next Door" is the seventh episode of the series.


A newly overconfident Gala is shocked to witness an old moment of fondness between Sellie and Ollie. A fiercely loyal Lari must face up to Gala and remind her of who she really is. As Ana expresses her fear of Gala's losing herself to Kira, Zini finds herself filling the void in her life with a wild new career choice -- which Dax is only too happy to support. Finally, Sellie's shocked when Gala makes a confession to her.


  • Ollie: "Things really have changed for us, haven't they?"
  • Sellie: "The day you died."
  • Ollie: "Best day of my life." (She stares at him) "If I was still alive, I probably would have had to say goodbye to you without knowing it. And I would never be ready for that."
  • Sellie: "Now you know how I felt."
  • Ollie: "Sorry I didn't say goodbye. I just... well, I chose my sister. Worst mistake I've ever made."
  • Sellie: "I still haven't given mine. And I've got no one to give it to, anyway."
  • Ollie: "What's this guy's problem?" (She narrows her eyes) "I mean, he's lucky enough to have you, and he just... leaves?"
  • Sellie: "Its more complicated than that."
  • Ollie: "How?"
  • Sellie: "I know all that's riding on the choices he makes."
  • Ollie: "I'm just saying. If I had you... I wouldn't let you out of my sight for a minute."
  • Sellie: "Except you already had me once. And if you'd never left my side, it would have been for a hell of a lot longer."
  • Ollie: "I'm prepared to learn from my mistakes."
  • Sellie: "But will you?" (Pauses) "You know what, never mind. Because I doubt it. Leave. Seriously. It'll be easier."
  • Ollie (grabs her as she leaves; she turns to face him): "Never again."