Galina "Gala" Caroban is one of the Sixes and the peacemaker. The others are often turning to her for advice as she is the "listener." She's also very open-minded. Her best friend, Jada, is human and she often devotes herself to protecting her, despite the others' demands to let go of her human life by sacrificing her friendship with Jada. Once Jada discovers Gala's secret identity, she's forced to erase her memories of her and walk away from their friendship. She then becomes closer to a sympathetic Jovana and they eventually become best friends. When the Sixes are assigned their specialities, Gala is given the power to manipulate emotions. Because of this, there are less arguments amongst the Sixes.

Ever since Gala was seven, when her mother died, her father had abused her. The social services brought her into care when she was nine. Following the original battle, the inheritance was passed to Gala, and she became a different person who kept none of her emotions bottled up any more, and more open. She was found a year later, being the first to be found.