"Dear Agony"
Sellie sees the full moon rise.
Season 1, Episode 19
Vital statistics
Air date January 30, 2013
Written by Dominic Cooper
Directed by Gary George
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"I Love You" "Distractions"
"Dear Agony" is the nineteenth episode of the series.


Its a full moon and Sellie does her best to help Conor in his time of need. Zini begs Lari to help her gain Dax's affections but Kira, tired of Zini's games, finds herself being openly honest with Jackson about her feelings. Gala's shocked by Blake's generosity when he offers to help her find out why her powers aren't working as they used to. After Ana's powers get her into trouble, she's shocked by the reappearance of Jordan in her life. Finally, Gala has a change of heart.