"Close Your Eyes"
Kira and Zini take Ana to a rave.
Season 1, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date January 22, 2013
Written by Dominic Cooper
Directed by Gary George
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"The Scouting Book For Boys" "Finding Yourself"
"Close Your Eyes" is the eleventh episode of the series.


After abusing his promise to the heavens, Ollie becomes a different person. Fearing for her friend's well-being, Sellie makes a life-changing decision which puts her future in jeoprady. Gala makes Blake feel guilty when he admits he's never taken Sellie on a real date and tries to help him come up with a "perfect" experience. It eventually escalates into a full-blown confrontation between Lari and Gala. Tired of being isolated from any real activity, Ana begs to be included in Kira and Zini's plans to attend a rave but is upset by what she sees. Finally, a tearful goodbye rocks everyone.


  • Sellie: "So... so, what? You were just gonna leave, no goodbye?"
  • Ollie: "I already gave my goodbye, Sellie."
  • Sellie: "See ya later, then. I don't get a see ya later?"
  • (Blake appears but they don't see him)
  • Ollie (long pause): "Just so you know... I wish that I'd given you my goodbye. Not my sister. I wish it'd been you."
  • Sellie: "Liar. You neglected to give it to me 'cause you wanted to be able to see me still. You didn't want to give up hope, right? Don't let go?"
  • Ollie: "Sellie. (Runs up and kisses her passionately) I'm sorry. But I'll never give up on you. I love you." (Turns to leave)
  • Sellie: "Goodbye."
  • Ollie (turns to face her again): "Sellie, don't do this."
  • Sellie: "No! Its okay, Ollie, its alright! I--"
  • Ollie: "Don't do this! Don't waste your goodbye on me!"
  • Sellie: "Who else am I gonna give it to? Everyone from my human life, none of them will want to see me again, so I've already give them my departing present just by leaving. You were my best friend, Ollie, and that means something to me. You're all I have left."
  • Ollie: "Sellie--"
  • Sellie: "I said, goodbye."


  • Dax and Conor are both absent in this episode.

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