"And Twist"
Zini and Dax attend Gracie's party.
Season 2, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date February 11, 2013
Written by Dominic Cooper
Directed by Gary George
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The Influenced Rapture
"And Twist" is the third episode of season two and the twenty-fifth overall.


Zini's shocked when Dax invites her to his cousin Gracie's sixteenth birthday party and wonders how seriously she should take his invitation. Sellie's surprised when Jackson pays her a visit and asks her to deliver a message to Kira. As Blake offers Ana his protection and takes her to the heavens on a mission of self discovery, Lari and Conor decide to set Gala up with someone so that she can move on from her childish games. As Kira and Sellie face a moment of grave danger in the face, Zini and Dax are mixed up in a misunderstanding.


  • Paris is absent in this episode.
  • This is the first appearance of Gracie, Dax's cousin and a girl who "knows more than she's saying" but still doesn't now "everything," despite what she thinks. She's anticipated to "shock and surprise" the main characters with her knowledge, whether she's knowingly delivering it to them or not.